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Whether it is your first home or an investment property, housing loans can be a complex maze to navigate and get it right.

Our team of mortgage experts will research all available options to ensure you find the most appropriate home loan to realize significant savings over the duration of your loan.

  • Certified Professional

    Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia Certified

Best of Both Worlds!

We are not just accountants, At Tax Wise Accounting, you get the best of "both worlds"

Right Mortgage Solutions –

  • Owner occupied Home Loan
  • Investment Home Loan
  • Construction Loans
  • Refinance
  • SMSF Loans
  • Commercial and Business Loans

Right Tax Advice –

  • Negative Gearing
  • Loan Structuring
  • Maximise Tax Deductions

How We Do?

  • We meet with you to understand your home loan needs
  • We assess your borrowing capacity and the potential equity
  • We negotiate with various lenders for the best interest rate!
  • We present them to you and arrange the loan!
  • We set up your loan structure to maximise tax deductions

We Go The EXTRA Mile!

At Tax Wise Accounting, we know that a first homeowner might find it difficult to deal with complex concepts. We go the extra mile in making sure we guide you in every step of the way to make your 'dream home' journey a pleasant ride.