26 Nov 2016

Many people don’t know that though bookkeeping and accounting go hand in hand, they’re not actually the same process. There are marked differences between the two. TaxWise Accounting helps us define the fine lines between the bookkeeping and accounting. Before accounting takes place, bookkeeping must be done first. Bookkeeping involves the consistent inputting of information […]

26 Nov 2016

We all have spending vices. We’re not perfect. Whether it’s good food, brand name clothes, shoes, the latest electronic devices, lavish holidays – we all have overspent at one time or another or maybe often. The material things we bought may have given us some measure of happiness or a lot of happiness at first; […]

24 Nov 2016

We’re thankful to have accountants do the most tedious and somewhat complicated job of making sense of the matrix of numbers needed to make our businesses work and thrive. Were we left to just ourselves to work out our business finances, we would have less time to focus on the day-to-day cares of our business. […]

18 Nov 2016

Living in the high-paced world that we do, it seems more and more difficult to save up money. We are constantly bombarded with banks trying to give us credit cards or extensions on lines of credit. It seems that companies are even trying suck people in with 0% down payments. How can you avoid getting […]

16 Nov 2016

It’s the number one thing that people fight about in their married lives. Some people feel like they never can get ahead. Unfortunately, husbands can start to blame wives and vice versa about their spending habits. The truth is, most times both parties are to blame. There is usually always two sides to every story. […]

14 Nov 2016

It seems like almost everyone is drowning in debt. Student loans, bad purchases, poor money management, job loss, and just regular necessary day to day expenditures are some causes of debt. Of course, it is sometimes inevitable to be in debt. Especially after purchasing a house or a new vehicle, we put ourselves in what […]